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(B. 10.3.1966)

Abdul Hameed Baloch, an artist from Kalat, has executed 35 paintings in oils on Quetta landscape and architecture that existed before the earth-quake of 1935, which claimed 30,000 human lives within 30 seconds. Hameed with painstaking efforts somehow gathered all the crumbling stuff from newspapers, old documents and other sources. Most of the images were too vague and torn off to be reproduced detail by detail. So Hameed had to reconstruct them using his own imagination. Consequently, with a hard work of 5 years he has painted the paintings of historical significant both for the researchers and art lovers. These paintings were inaugrated on the 71st anniversary of Quetta Earth Quake (Abid Husain Qureshi, Asst. Prof. Fine Arts, University of Balochistan).

Living nations do not forget their tragedies but learn lessons to survive on the world map. Artist Abdul Hameed yet of 40 years dared to reconstruct in his oil paintings the glory of Quetta and what it looked liked before 1935. A son of the soil committed to his land, has ventured to show people from all walks of life, the gone-by beauty of Quetta. It will be a rewarding experience for people to look at his works (Ghulam Rasul, Pride of Performance, DG Pakistan National Council of Arts).

Balochistan classics
(17 Paintings)
With his command over techniques and use of colors, he has justified in handling his
subjects and put soul and heart into them. It is quite difficult to paint a subject which artist has not seen himself. Putting it together with help of visual references and stories which people tell or recorded in books, is an art itself. Here reflects his teacher's intensive training and his own hidden potentials to apprehend the subject, its environment etc. to convert it into a living monument.
(16 Paintings)
His painting "Quetta Fort and City 1885", draws viewer's attention strongly towards its general atmosphere and subtle use of colors." The Residency Quetta 1900", majestic high red ceiling, spacious lawn and a row of standing horses adds to its beauty. Depictions of Quetta Bazars 1900, 1930, Mutton, and Fruit Market 1930" are glaring examples how Quetta looked then. Though difficult to recreate such scenes of daily life but artist succeeds in making them live with moving brush strokes, harmonious but vibrating color combinations, typical architectural buildings representing Balochistan. "Sandaman Memorial Hall Quetta(1900), Railway institute Quetta (1930), Railway station (1930), Roman Catholic Church (1900)" deserves special mention. Artist has worked on these with extraordinary love for details and captured the spirit of typical architecture suiting to its cold climate which developed under colonial role in Balochistan.

balochistan winter
(10 paintings)
Mr. Abdul Hameed has successfully projected the lost glory of Quetta on canvas for the generations to come. His artistic talent is praise worthy and reveals through his work, that only an artist of caliber can accomplish such mission. Quetta of the I 900s takes birth in the hands of Abdul Hameed who so devotedly and sincerely created works of art which should be properly preserved and displayed for the generations to come.
quetta earthquake 1935
(3 paintings)
Life goes on. People soon forget even historic moments and tragic events of human history. October 8, 2005 at about 8.45 a.m, a massive earthquake struck mountainous regions of Pakistan leaving behind such tragedies inexperienced by the human history and never ending tales of agonies. The entire world was shocked and rushed to these areas to help the suffering people. It reminded Pakistanis about a similar earthquake which destroyed Quetta on May 31, 1935 at 3 past 3 minutes in the morning. In 30 seconds life came to stand still. Glorious Quetta and thousands of people were buried alive in a matter of seconds.
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