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Observe how various parts of Pakistan looked 150 years ago. Classic photographs of Old Pakistan.

This album is based on scans from Omar Khan's book titled "From Kashmir to Kabul". He has compiled photographs by John Burke and Willian Baker, two Irishmen who covered the area that now constitutes much of Pakistan. Website for Omar Khan's book is: http://www.kashmirtokabul.com His award winning website is:

Imran H. Khan, co-founder of OPEN USA, digitized this Album and dedicated it to the 2006 Earth Quake victims of Kashmir/NWFP. Thalassa Ali has written a forward (see below). Imran H. Khan has hosted this Album at:

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old pakistan
(20 photographs)
The northern part of Pakistan is beautiful. The flat, dusty plain of the Punjab rises first to bare hills, then to high mountains, where valleys lie flat between steep, wooded slopes, and the sun gleams on distant, snow-clad peaks. Alexander the Great came here. King Ashoka made Mansehra one of his seats of government. A thousand years later, Taimur Lang left soldiers at Mansehra, to guard the road between Kabul and Kashmir. A hundred years after him, the Mughal emperor Akbar took the same road to Kashmir.  
thalassa ali's comments
After the British annexed the Punjab (including the Northern Areas) in 1848, they began the great task of documenting it. They wrote gazetteers, describing every detail of the people, vegetation and geography of the area. When photography arrived, they took photographs. I first saw Omar Khan’s “From Kashmir to Kabul” two years ago, while researching my new novel, “Companions of Paradise.” The book was just what I needed to see—a catalogue of black and white images taken only a few years after ‘Companions’ ends. They perfectly capture a place and time, making it easy for me to picture the British army on the move in 1842, and the people of Kabul who fought them.

Photographers John Burke and William Baker lead us from the Punjab to Kabul, showing us people and cities and scenery as they were nearly 150 years ago.

Thalassa Ali is the author of “A Singular Hostage,” “A Beggar at the Gate,” and the forthcoming “Companions of Paradise.”  These books are set in 19th Century Lahore and Kabul.

This site is dedicated to the 3,000,000 survivors of the Oct 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. They have survived the winter of 2005-2006 and are now ready to embark on the reconstruction of their homes and lands. The site celebrates the role of individuals, NGOs and governments from all over the world that came together in a global show of humanity to assist the survivors. The challenges of reconstruction are daunting but not insurmountable. Boston Earthquake Response Group is getting organized to assist in this reconstruction. It consists of individuals and organizations around Boston.

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