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A travelling soul with diverse interests ranging from Urdu, literature to music and from psychologyand Sufism to cinema. History is another unwavering passion of Raza. Lahore is his janam bhoomi and Pakistan is what defines him in its entirety. Yet he is a citizen of the world and hisMuslim identity, howsoever fractured in these times, is central to his being. Raza has created a website to prompt a conference of words where people sharing his interests could contribute their thoughts and writings. He has also posted his recent writings on diverse topics - some of these have been published in a Pakistani weekly publication.
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ac house murree
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I have been busy with discovering the pleasure of painting - playing with colours and mixing visions and inspirations with linseed oil. The results are alas not that great. However, it is the process of being focused on and immersed in the canvas, that I find most elevating. The painting above is inspired by my beloved sun room cum study in Murree Hills where I spent many seasons and just cannot get it out of my system. The light still melts somewhere deep inside. I have never been so excited, notwithstanding the evident lack of talent and much needed art instruction. All I know is what Van Gogh had said decades ago: If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.  
golden bengal
Having spent some weeks in Bangladesh, I ventured to closely observe the folk motifs in Bengali art. I had always admired the simplicity and the colours of these powerful lines. With my new-found passion, I am daring to use bits of this style. So here I am, ambitious as ever, in complete disregard of my limited abilities, painted the image above using acrylic colours on paper. ”Dhaka Colours” is a hurried work as I had only a few hours to work on this composition.I hope to work on it a little more.

The boat painting (2nd from top on the top-right of page) entitled “Melting Meghna”was inspired by a brief trip to Meghna river just before the sunset. The colours and legendary Bengali river feel were all too overwhelming.

"Meghna and Me“ (top-right most painting on this page) is another composition. When sunset turned into dusk at river Meghna, I thought of this line - dil jalao ke roshnee kam hai (light your heart as it is getting dark..). I even painted this line. A little cliched, I admit. But then isn’t art supposed to be personal. And this ‘personal’ argument is enough to keep me painting..

accidental painting
This weekend was remarkable: visions and confusions found their way on a plain canvas and before long I was in a strange dialogue with the canvas - here is the result of this dialogue: I am still working on this painting and hopefully will complete in a week or two. I was inspired by a few images that I had seen some time ago and somehow they all came together as I strated to draw a few lines and then mix colours.

I have used a mythological character - Ravana - that is quite fascinating for its contradictions and the confused distorted figure is probably myself. Comments are welcome on this amateur effort……..

more paintings coming soon
Coming soon. More paintings


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